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Who remembers those days when the headmaster/teacher lashes errant(or unlucky) pupils?
Either for noise-making, undone assignment(s), getting to school late, making paper balls out of school notebooks, having poor grades, etc
Sure most of us (except the butty kids) have been flogged for something in either primary or secondary schools. I remember those that could withstand the pain of the floggings were called ‘dusters’ or ‘chesters’

So, were you flogged in school? And why or why not?

4 thoughts on “Whiplash

  1. One I can never forget, for getting the right answer of a math sum (being the Only person to get it right), but cancelling it because it made no sense to me that the answer could possibly be something like 524 whole number, two hundred and twenty five, over two hundred and seventy (524 225/270), or something just as ridiculous sounding, I don’t recall.
    I was in Primary 4.

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