Stock Taking


No apology for being away for so long, there was nothing to share. Stumbled on this Taking Stock trend, and thought I might jump on it. So here I am.
Making: To-do, To-call, and To-mail lists.
Cooking: nothing. The men in my house are champs.
Drinking: water and green tea, when I’m not fasting.
Reading: Voice of Reason; Selected Speeches of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He might be bae. Oh, and the Yusuf Ali commentary of selected chapters in the Qur’an. What a journey.
Wanting: to earn in foreign currency. Soon
Looking: in the mirror. Unlearning.
Playing: with my hair.
Deciding: to take it a day at a time.
Wishing: I knew how to handle people (read: old people) better. Welp
Enjoying: soltitude in small doses.
Waiting: for Thursdays.
Wondering: if I should stop selling coconut oil and co. Not sure it is worth the stress anymore.
Loving: my brother.
Hoping:. my parents are well.
Watching: nothing. I don’t follow any series. I don’t feel like I am missing anything.
Needing: a new phone. Urgently.
Disliking: talks about marriage. Talks about the roles and responsibilities of a wife. I’ve had these memorized since I was 10, thanks.
Smelling: like peppermint and vanilla. Yum.
Wearing: my bright orange cardigan I almost never wore before. Hello, Rainfalls.
Knowing: I don’t need to do the Istikhara for yet another marriage proposal. Might still do it anyway.
Thinking: I should tone down my overpowering need to be honest and blunt.
Bookmarking: HR related thingies.
Preparing: for death.
Giggling: at memories of sillier days from a few years back. If you somehow bump into me walking alone and giggling by myself, take it well.

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