Stock Taking II

This a lazy way of ensuring I keep writing but whatever, haha.

Hello again,
Taking stock again because a lot can change in weeks. Changing fast actually. So here I am:

Making: Intriguing decisions.

Cooking: Nothing. Wait, I made pap yesterday. Are you proud, Mummy? 

Drinking: Bournvita. We must gain weight by force.

Reading: Exam study packs, and some Nora Roberts indulgence.

Wanting: to do something different with my looks. Glasses, piercings, and clean-shaven head maybe?

Looking: very slim and in need of desperate feeding. Well the usual, Post-Ramadan.

Playing: with fire.

Deciding: to write more. To document it all in words, and in pictures.

Wishing: I had so much more money than I have now (like everyone else, SMH).

Enjoying: something else that is not solitude.

Waiting: for 5pm.

Wondering: if I need a new therapist.

Loving: my girl, Hauwa. She is here for me when it is inconvenient, something I admire and aspire to.

Hoping: very desperately that I remain self-sufficient, despite the desperate temptation to rely on someone else.

Watching: the skies, how quickly it changes from dark grey to the clearest blue just after a rainfall.

Needing: to remember all the things I taught myself. A Need.

Disliking: that I am glo-ing down. I am, idc.

Smelling: like premium whipped shea butter with banana flavouring. I would like a perfume with peppermints or vanilla.

Wearing: henna, because it was eid b! It had been four years at least!

Knowing: that I will be fine, last last.

Thinking: someone telling me they do not like me swearing is not enough reason to ensure I swear more, lol teenage behavior.

Bookmarking: health-related articles.

Preparing: for exams, somehow.

Giggling: at pictures and videos and/of funny-ish boys that look like they play basketball. Ho Ho Ho.

Take stock too, share if you’re up to it.

P.S. I took the above picture, drop compliment below.IMG_20170620_171959

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