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Quite the Experience

Meditations on the Excellencies of the Word of God Part 1

You’re blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. You’re blessed when you follow his directions, doing your best to find him. That’s right—you […]

Cars is set to disrupt how car service is delivered in Nigeria is an online car service marketplace that offers a holistic solution that makes it a one-stop hub for car services. Apart from the platform being easy to use and […]

Quite the Experience

Fresh Start

Nigel had been busy with his meetings. While in the meeting room, his cell phone had been vibrating constantly inside the pocket of his coat; but he ignored it every […]


Does it really matter

To Tell a story is a very difficult thing (Take note Coolstory people). Moving on. I try to take time pondering on the world and i keep coming to a […]


Share Your Love-letter Experience.

Shout out to that girl or boy you wrote loveletters to and was eventually caught or traded successfully. My own experience is this: I exchanged numerous number of letters with […]

The Story Of My Trip To Dubai

My name is Kola, an undergraduate student of Ekiti State University, 400level final year, studying statistics. It has always been my dream to travel abroad at a tender age and […]

Quite the Experience

If it was doable

 I’d rather: 1. A soulful man. So you appreciate the lengths, and feel in volumes. So we have conversations with sinking depths. 2. An indulgent man. So you indulge these […]

He Lost His Job, His Wife Left Him.

He has come to my office two times. Lean and dark, trying very hard not to betray his deep sadness as he manages a smile each time he looks at […]

He Lost His Job, His Wife Left Him.

He has come to my office two times. Lean and dark, trying very hard not to betray his deep sadness as he manages a smile each time he looks at […]

My Serial Cheating Husband Keeps Begging For Forgiveness

We’ve been married for five years and he has cheated all through these years. He keeps late nights without any tangible reason. He travels in and out of Nigeria for […]

How My Leg Got Caught By A Trap But Only My Footwear Sustained Injuries

Yesterday, I experienced one of the biggest miracles of my life. It was just like every other day when I woke up, said my prayers asking God to protect me […]

Olumo Rock: What No One Told You About Th Ancient Rock.

The feeling that I was wasting too much time with Baba at the Centenary hall prompted me to flag down a bike while I tipped Baba 500 naira for his […]

How I Wish

Heartbreak 4 – Funeral

Final Act Her mother called to our house and brought us bad news… She’s dead. My true love, my heart’s desire… is dead. It was more than painful – painful […]


Originally written by Joe Prince-Wright LONDON — Arsenal shellacked Chelsea 3-0 at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday, with first half goals from Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil doing […]

How I Wish

Heartbreak 3 – Five Years Later , Wedding Day

Act 5 I received a mail from my classmate that our batch will have a reunion. I smiled and I replied that I will come. I wanted to see her. […]

Quite the Experience

Train Ride Memoir (Episode 5)

My wife was groaning in pain on the morning of my brother’s wedding. The car had arrived to convey us to the hospital, so the next thing was to locate […]

Quite the Experience

Train Ride Memoir (Episode 4)

The receptionist not aware ke? At that point, some of us were already contemplating sleeping in front of the hotel. This was around past 2am, we couldn’t begin searching for […]

Quite the Experience

Train Ride Memoir (Episode 3)

The noise was due to a shouting match that ensued between passengers and an official. Apparently, the whole commotion was due to spillage of water on the floor which the […]

Quite the Experience

Train Ride Memoir (Episode 2)

The train had taken off! And there I was running after the train. Thoughts started running through my mind: “Ticket money don go”, “My brother wedding!” To make matters worse, […]

Quite the Experience

Train Ride Memoir(Episode 1)

So 12th of August, a day to my brother’s wedding… Apparently Lagos was too small for him as he decided to seek a wife far away from home. Well, good […]


Meant for better? Plain Lazy?

The bright flaming orange ball of doom roused me. I groaned as I look out the window. There it was in its unrivaled glory, staring down. You see, a day […]

How I Wish

Heartbreak 2 – Prom and Graduation

Act 3 Figures that she already asked someone to be her partner… I can’t help but be sad when I heard rumors about it… But I can’t ask her… It […]

Happy Ending

I’m not sure how to teach my daughter: U for Unacceptable, V for Vague, W for Woman

Every single man you share your sins to Will try his luck too Every single man. And you can not hate him for it And you must not blame you […]

How I Wish


Act 1 I stared at her as she skillfully answered the teacher’s question. Everyone stared and marveled at her, too. She’s beautiful, smart, gentle, kind – everything a guy would […]

Abbys Diary 1

Dear Diary, I have never been good in judging the weather. Some have talents in knowing when it will rain or when the sun will shine. But not me. On […]