Olubadan’s Challenges

It’s my first post on here, I hope it gives a breakthrough for the subsequent ones to come and if it doesn’t, I guess we all know what that means – “Shattered Hopes”. I’ll just have to give up my dreams of being a writer someday for my first love and passion which is to join the Force and I’m not talking the Army or Navy, I’m talking the NURTW. The elation I derive from seeing myself at the tarmac chasing Danfo buses on motion just for Twenty naira is an exciting feeling that is not from this planet.
First things first! Don’t pay attention to my username just ignore it and pay attention to the story, Let’s just assume it’s a fiction of my wild and fairly ridiculous imaginations, but in actuality, it’s a complete opposite of my true character having realistic thoughts. Plus, it’s just the perfect fit for the kind of stories I conceptualize and also the ones that tickles my fancy too, which may be quite unfortunate the kind of stories I’ll always get to post on here because they’re the ones I like to share. (I say we term them ‘abnormally cool stories’) :-d. All these explanations I see as necessary because we never can tell what will unveil the face behind the mask (my username) one of these days, and just in case that eventually happens, I really don’t want to be seen as what I have chosen to be seen on here.
Finally, before I get into my story proper, its not necessary but I feel the need to give kudos to everyone that has put efforts to the realization of this platform in one way or the other as I’ll say you guys are doing an awesomely great job to make dumb people like me feel free to express ourselves. In all honesty, it was a wonderful feeling when I found out dumb stories like the one I’ll be posting are allowed on here, it deems me fit to have to post here and try to keep this platform alive. Now, I can feel like a Chimamanda Adieche or Chinua Achiebe (I hope I spelt their names correctly, and if I didn’t I’m sure you all know the guys I’m referring to). So, enough of my ‘stories that touch’ as we get to real story itself ‘the cool story’ (*grins).
Olubadan is my guy! Yes!! Olubadan!!! But before your jaws start dropping, I don’t mean the paramount ruler of Ibadan Land, I’m talking just one random guy I met in college. And since I’ve known him, he is always faced with one challenge or the other that comes his way, every day of his Life. FYI, he has a real name which I can’t readily Identify or one that I never knew and as you can tell from the self-explanatory nickname, he was born in Ibadan, resides in Ibadan and also acts Ibadan-ish in everything he does (Ibadan readers at this point are probably losing interest in reading this story to the end) and now he turns out to be one of those niggas that their nicknames become more popular than their real names and nobody gives a damn what his actual name is as the nick already stole the shine of the real (I’m sure we all have that one friend like my guy, Olubadan). I would have put that as my number one of Olubadan’s challenges since I got to know him, but since I’m not numbering them, I’ll say you feel free to place it anywhere in your own order of rankings of Olubadan’s Challenges.

The story continues in another written episode of Olubadan’s Challenges, wait on it….it promises to be dope.

• This story is not aimed at getting any reader offended, just in case you feel a sense of belonging to any of the traits exhibited by the character in this story.
• The entirety of the contents of this story is just for the fun of it (is a joking sturvs).

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