Make Nigeria great again

It’s amazing how mistakes keep repeating themselves. First, it was when Nigeria elected Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, and he made Nigeria great again. Funny enough the decision was influenced by hatred for Muslims. Fast forward to 2016 the British decided to leave the EU and it was influenced by immigrants and the British were insulted for making such a big mistake one that they regretted after the results were announced. And a joke was made about Donald Trump winning the election and here we are. Donald trump won and it begs the question what is wrong with all these people. How can you vote for a bully, a person willing to insult people whether it’s for votes or because he believes it, someone who insult everyone insultable this is wrong on so many levels. This was also influenced by hatred for Muslims, immigrants you name it. We might think it does not affect us but it does, he is the leader of a country and there will be international relations which will affect all countries. But, I have good news for you. I pray that God saves us all.