Lost Friend

Lost Friend
Tears rolled down my cheeks.
Like rain pouring on streets.
Even the sun was gloomy and shocked.
My ears blocked.
The people flocked
To the wailing of his mother.
He was the only one left and she couldn’t get another.
I froze, my mind Indisposed because i have lost a friend.
No! A brother.
I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry no more.
My pain and agony was I couldn’t see him smile no more.
My Best buddy with whom i planned the future with.
Is now the person I can’t live in the future with.
He would’ve been my bestman but now he’s in a bodybag.
I’ve lost a brother and he was the only one i had.
I can still feel his strength and his energy.
But he’s forever just a memory.