History of the ‘Tiny Pocket’ on Jeans.

Hello cool people.
How’s the weekend going?
So, today I’m going to take you all back in time.
What are we going to talk about today?
We are going to talk about the Watch pocket or Fob pocket as it is sometimes called.

Most people do not know this.
But now you will know what most people call the ‘Tiny Pocket’ on Jeans Is really used for.
Back in the 1800s, cowboys used to wear their watches on chains and kept them in their waistcoats as wristwatches were seen as an unmanly accessory for men. To keep them from getting broken, the tiny pocket was introduced their watch safe.
Originally included as protection for pocket watches, this extra pouch has served many functions, evident in its many titles: frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket and ticket pocket, to name a few.
Not only is the pocket extremely useful for holding tiny trinkets, it is also is loved by denimheads for the faded and worn nature it takes on over time.
Now that you are educated in that sense, spread the word. See the cowboy wristwatch below, above or wherever the picture appears.

Cool Or Nah?

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