Stock Taking II

This a lazy way of ensuring I keep writing but whatever, haha. Hello again, Taking stock again because a lot can change in weeks. Changing fast actually. So here I […]

Words So Sweet

WORDS SO SWEET. Cultivating from this tangerine Tree Liquid recipe, her content carry’s Pedigree, Green shaped leaf is my identity. What is time without the latitude Of man’s mind? Am […]


Big John and the bus driver

Good day Coolstorians (Uh? really?) I hope you are all having a good weekend? If you are not. I hope it gets better. So, I stumbled on a story that […]


The Persecution Of Cats In Nigeria

It is so unfortunate that in my country, Nigeria, cats are one of the most assaulted, stigmatized and unfortunate animals. Nigeria’s level of religiosity, especially among Southern Christians, and the […]


Love On The Brain

I guess our parents stayed together simply because they didn’t have 3000 other people following them or 500 other people liking their pictures at their disposal when there marriage or […]



I sees Wuke today. We schools on the same class in Methodist Boys and Girls learning school, Unitari, Litanda. Father Ksoto always say she is the most buaetiful girl in […]


Does it really matter

To Tell a story is a very difficult thing (Take note Coolstory people). Moving on. I try to take time pondering on the world and i keep coming to a […]

When A Lady Claims To Be A Virgin.

It is no longer news that being a virgin is the pride of a woman and while those who have lost theirs take fate, we also have some who waste […]

Einstein’s puzzle

Let us assume that there are five houses of different colors next to each other on the same road. In each house lives a man of a different nationality. Every […]


Tiny and tender, Sick and sickle, Yet healthy as a horse. Friends like family, From childhood to adulthood, Like the growth of a tree, From periods of thick to thin, […]


A Promise Fulfilled

Ran into my ex yesterday. You see, this perplexed me because I didn’t expect him to still be alive. When we were together, he had told me that he couldn’t […]

Abuja has fallen

Its still funny when I remember what append a year ago,when leaders from all over d word for a function, nobody expected anything to happen cause d security was extremely […]

Food alert

So, have you tried making homemade boli, it is delicious and you get to burn it to your own taste. I eat my boli with stew and chicken sometimes, other […]


Weak? You? Pufft

Pause. Observe one thing you are quite good at doing now. Now think back. Waaaay back, there was a time you could not do that, and then there was a […]

Hidden words

Can You Spot The 6 Hidden Words From This Picture?

Hey guys. Stumbled upon this picture and thought it would be beneficial to all plus a brain exercise is not a bad way to start your week. I didn’t get […]


The reason there never was.

Shortly after being plunged into the depression that results from a disappointment. Slumped on a couch, I stared blankly at the T.V which was tuned to a local channel and […]



That feeling, The one you can’t quite describe When the aircraft shoots open and you’re flung into the open atmosphere. Thrown in several directions with a reckless abandon. And all […]


What Happens To Someone Else

So here we are again, been a while I have been here. Today I will tell you a story He wakes up one day, a day he cant remember to […]


The Well Adjusted Master

For any society or in this case person, unique individual Livelihood is what matters. Why does man need to be the boss and the other the subordinate… In my opinion… […]


Musings of a Me

This starts thus; The lad…boy…call him whatever you would like is in love…(Yes! this is a love something…now read on). Shes affectionate towards him back so ta daa…should be all […]

ATM fraudsters

Hello Ladies and Ladiesmen(if there is anything like that, used it already anyway) So what I’d be sharing with you today as usual is another true life experience. And almost […]

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Conscious Decision Making Engine

We just woke up one day to realize that we are conscious. Then we explored further and noticed that we are actually conscious of the fact that we are conscious […]


Nigeria is blessed with vast human and mineral resources

Nigeria is generously endowed with abundant resources. The resources should be developed to full extent with available means, as a nation can only progress by the efficient use of all […]


You are like me. You enjoy sewing and u like getting dressed up, nobody has to tell u but u know u have a great sense of fashion. Your best […]


History of the ‘Tiny Pocket’ on Jeans.

Hello cool people. How’s the weekend going? So, today I’m going to take you all back in time. What are we going to talk about today? We are going to […]