Jammeh Tenure Extension : What I Found Inside The Gambian Constitution.

A last minute “Malangaring” or should I call it Joker has given a constitutional lifeline to the embattled President of Gambia , Yayah Jammeh , the self acclaimed trado medical […]


What John Zibiri said about Nigeria

I worked and lived in Abuja for 18 years. I ran my own private company from 2001 until 2014. Two million of the likes of Buhari cannot change Nigeria. Everything […]



America! America! America, a Merry car America, a merry loss America, a merry fuss America, the bully America, the pulley America, the robin hood America, the saviour America, the treasure […]

Make Nigeria great again

It’s amazing how mistakes keep repeating themselves. First, it was when Nigeria elected Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, and he made Nigeria great again. Funny enough the decision was influenced by […]