How I Wish

Neither Here Nor There

I am a living cliché I am a girl taught to lower her gaze and close her legs Taught to pray and believe in God Expected to become a duteous […]

How I Wish

Heartbreak 4 – Funeral

Final Act Her mother called to our house and brought us bad news… She’s dead. My true love, my heart’s desire… is dead. It was more than painful – painful […]

How I Wish

Heartbreak 3 – Five Years Later , Wedding Day

Act 5 I received a mail from my classmate that our batch will have a reunion. I smiled and I replied that I will come. I wanted to see her. […]

How I Wish

Heartbreak 2 – Prom and Graduation

Act 3 Figures that she already asked someone to be her partner… I can’t help but be sad when I heard rumors about it… But I can’t ask her… It […]

How I Wish


Act 1 I stared at her as she skillfully answered the teacher’s question. Everyone stared and marveled at her, too. She’s beautiful, smart, gentle, kind – everything a guy would […]

How I Wish

Peace of Mind

How I wish there was a way to be completely serene and peaceful. Oh wait! There is, you wanna know how?…. well so do I. All i have ever experienced […]