Make Nigeria great again

It’s amazing how mistakes keep repeating themselves. First, it was when Nigeria elected Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, and he made Nigeria great again. Funny enough the decision was influenced by […]


Hello coolstory, it’s been a while. Well I am semi back to talk about what modesty to me #islamophobiaawarenessmonth. Modesty to me is comfort to myself, it’s my beauty, it’s […]

Be Happy

I believe each individual is brlliant and so can do anything. Anyone can study law, medicine, engineering etc. It just depends on how far you are willing to go to […]

Medical Appointment

Something very nice happened, you have to read this. So, I went to a medical center and I was told to come back the next day (no problem shebi just […]

Joys of lectures

Imagine waking up early every Friday, because of 9:00am seminars, which were compulsory because of the attendance and you must have answered the questions before hand only for me to […]