Stock Taking II

This a lazy way of ensuring I keep writing but whatever, haha. Hello again, Taking stock again because a lot can change in weeks. Changing fast actually. So here I […]

Happy Ending

Stock Taking

Hello, No apology for being away for so long, there was nothing to share. Stumbled on this Taking Stock trend, and thought I might jump on it. So here I […]

Quite the Experience

If it was doable

 I’d rather: 1. A soulful man. So you appreciate the lengths, and feel in volumes. So we have conversations with sinking depths. 2. An indulgent man. So you indulge these […]

Happy Ending

I’m not sure how to teach my daughter: U for Unacceptable, V for Vague, W for Woman

Every single man you share your sins to Will try his luck too Every single man. And you can not hate him for it And you must not blame you […]

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Happy Ending


Hello Black Jalabiya Large feet and ajebo hands Huge head and tomato lips Perfect height and pitiful sight This is not infatuation But mere observation Conversation and teasing A light […]


E for Exactement

Getting THE cultured, well read man of your dreams 1. Do talk about books more than you talk about movies. Make actual effort to read the books you’re talking about. […]