How I Wish

Neither Here Nor There

I am a living cliché I am a girl taught to lower her gaze and close her legs Taught to pray and believe in God Expected to become a duteous […]


An account from the sidelines

Dawn breaks, The Night slowly gives way to the day Changes are abroad. A sick knowledge long dawned Everyday could be the last so every touch lingers, Every stare takes […]


Meant for better? Plain Lazy?

The bright flaming orange ball of doom roused me. I groaned as I look out the window. There it was in its unrivaled glory, staring down. You see, a day […]


It was breath-taking The ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ that came from her friends before she shooed them out weren’t exaggerated. The dress was indeed fitted for a queen. It was white […]

I remember when

Hell Hath No Fury…

“Get to it!” He screamed at me. In anger, his face looked no different, except his eyes flashed with anger and mouth spewed explicit words followed by a bath of […]


The reason there never was.

Shortly after being plunged into the depression that results from a disappointment. Slumped on a couch, I stared blankly at the T.V which was tuned to a local channel and […]



That feeling, The one you can’t quite describe When the aircraft shoots open and you’re flung into the open atmosphere. Thrown in several directions with a reckless abandon. And all […]

Quite the Experience

The little things.

She looks in the mirror again, for what seemed like the umpteenth time that morning. A face full of scars stared back. With a shaky hand, she traces the jagged […]