Words So Sweet

WORDS SO SWEET. Cultivating from this tangerine Tree Liquid recipe, her content carry’s Pedigree, Green shaped leaf is my identity. What is time without the latitude Of man’s mind? Am […]


Jammeh Tenure Extension : What I Found Inside The Gambian Constitution.

A last minute “Malangaring” or should I call it Joker has given a constitutional lifeline to the embattled President of Gambia , Yayah Jammeh , the self acclaimed trado medical […]

These Silences, These Stranded Travelers

I want to say things That are full Like ripe tomatoes Like roux Or the air in July outside the French Market. Things that are dedicated to The world around […]


The Persecution Of Cats In Nigeria

It is so unfortunate that in my country, Nigeria, cats are one of the most assaulted, stigmatized and unfortunate animals. Nigeria’s level of religiosity, especially among Southern Christians, and the […]


Share Your Love-letter Experience.

Shout out to that girl or boy you wrote loveletters to and was eventually caught or traded successfully. My own experience is this: I exchanged numerous number of letters with […]

The Story Of My Trip To Dubai

My name is Kola, an undergraduate student of Ekiti State University, 400level final year, studying statistics. It has always been my dream to travel abroad at a tender age and […]

He Lost His Job, His Wife Left Him.

He has come to my office two times. Lean and dark, trying very hard not to betray his deep sadness as he manages a smile each time he looks at […]

He Lost His Job, His Wife Left Him.

He has come to my office two times. Lean and dark, trying very hard not to betray his deep sadness as he manages a smile each time he looks at […]

My Serial Cheating Husband Keeps Begging For Forgiveness

We’ve been married for five years and he has cheated all through these years. He keeps late nights without any tangible reason. He travels in and out of Nigeria for […]

How My Leg Got Caught By A Trap But Only My Footwear Sustained Injuries

Yesterday, I experienced one of the biggest miracles of my life. It was just like every other day when I woke up, said my prayers asking God to protect me […]

Olumo Rock: What No One Told You About Th Ancient Rock.

The feeling that I was wasting too much time with Baba at the Centenary hall prompted me to flag down a bike while I tipped Baba 500 naira for his […]

When A Lady Claims To Be A Virgin.

It is no longer news that being a virgin is the pride of a woman and while those who have lost theirs take fate, we also have some who waste […]


Should I Tell My Friend About His Loyal Girlfriend?

I will try to make this very snappy. I have a childhood friend who is so very much in love with his girlfriend of 4-5years. (Whom I have never met) […]

An Employer Fired A Staff And Asked Him To Come Back To Resign, Should He ?

Good day, I would appreciate the input of experienced HR personnel in analyzing this issue of forced resignation. What are the implications in terms of renumerational difference when compared to […]

Boss Serves Me A Query For Late Coming After We Both Spent The Night Out

Last night was amazing at a bubbling club in Abuja with my boss. she is tall robust and in her late 20s. I meet her at a social event where […]

Dear friend, please pick up.

Good day friends Hope you all had a good day and are looking forward to the weekend? What I’d be sharing with you people today is a real life experience. […]

marriage issues
Quite the Experience

Should I Cancel My Marriage Plans?

I met a guy of 31 through my elder sister, last year February. He started asking me out but because I just came out of a bad relationship, I told […]