An employee’s work experience

Hello cool people. This is a narration of a friend’s experience at his place of work. It’s a long story but trust me it’s worth the read. So, I’d just post it exactly the way he told me.
Story begins!!!
Months ago after my NYSC. I didn’t just want to stay idle. I wanted to get my hands doing something, a job while I still searching for tangible job. I got a job in a printing and publishing firm in which my take home salary was N20,000 per month. “At least N20,000 is something rather than staying idea for the devil to manipulate me.” The owner of the firm is a Pastor and a very nice man. When I started work, he just came to like me because of my dedication and hardwork, and another thing is that I was a graduate working at the place. It was unusual to him and even my humility as a graduate in doing that kind of work.
My boss gave birth to three lovely children. All are girls. The first two are in secondary school and the
last one was still in primary. And the school these three attend was not far from the firm. So after
school, the three come by the work place to their father while they spend some time to the close of
work and their dad would take them home.
Two weeks when I started this work, I noticed that each time the eldest daughter of my boss who I
presumed should be 15 or 16 years (I never asked) and in SS 3. Each time she was back from school,
she has one kind of weird body odour. I noticed it severally. Even sometimes in the morning if she
forget to take something from her papa. If she come the office I dey perceive the odour that sometimes I go dey wonder if she even wash her uniform. But looking at her from outside, physically, she would
look clean and very neat. But na the afternoon odour na im dey more pronounced after all the sweating and playing for school. I am not blaming her for that
because the other two girls get their own too. It’s natural that humans have body odour but the way we take care of it matters. I believe that body odour can only be reduced but not completely killed. So she’s a teenager that needs to start taking care of
her body. And I no know how I wan take confront her about it. I don’t want to get into trouble, in as much my Oga is nice, let it not look as if I was insulting him by saying her daughter has body odour. And it would look good if a lady told rather than me a guy. I was just trying to be careful because her papa na pastor and they (the girls) can be saucy sometimes.
Make dem no say I dey find another thing and I no want insult. Though I and the kids are quit friendly most especially the last one who often comes around me.
This particular Wednesday while I was doing some work, the youngest one came to me to ask for something. “Gush” the odour that I perceived was so mad that I asked her if she washed her school
uniform. She said she wasn’t wearing the one she wore the previous day. And that she has about 3 school uniforms. As I dey there na im the eldest one come meet me with her own too. Kaiii, I thought of what to do. I am not blaming them. Its just normal.
Even when I was in secondary school, my school uniform dey smell too. So I come feel say I go buy body spray, perfume for the eldest one because her own be say na teenager. And their dad also had once complained that the girls are very rough. That when one comes to their rooms, every were would be dirty and unkempt. Thank God say na big school dem dey go so dem go look clean for outward.
Part of me asked me not to do anything. That I should just ignore it since I wasn’t staying there
permanently. But another part of me suggested that since my Oga had even taken me as his son, so the girls are like my junior sisters, it would be good that I do something. At least N550 is not much to spend on the perfume. And I wasn’t going to tell her that
she has body odour. But at least if I give her the perfume, she would know what to do with it.
I bought a perfume. At first I wanted to give it to her dad to give to her but later I waved it out. She
returned from school and she came to check on her dad. It was unfortunate that her dad went out. Na there I come give her the perfume. She come thank me wella. The other two dey vex say I no give them anything. I promised to get them something some
other time because I do get them snacks before, but snack no do anything that day. Na something
tangible go make sense for them.
After giving the eldest one the perfume, I felt fulfilled. At least she would be using it on her body.
Two days later was a Saturday. My Oga called me on phone and asked if I was the one that bought
perfume for her daughter. Na so I tell her “yes ooo.”
He said no problem that when we see on Monday we would talk on it. I thought he was just impressed at
least that I did something for his daughter.
Monday came and I went to see him in his office.
“What is your motive towards my daughter?” was the first thing he asked when I went to see him. I
was shocked and surprised like a child. “shey I even
get motive!” I thought to myself. “Why did you buy her a perfume?” my Oga asked again. I smiled. I was
trying to choose my words properly. I didn’t want to put it in his face that his child has body odour. I told him that I just did it willingly just as the way he (my
Oga) gives me money sometimes. “You did it willingly? You want something from her?” my Oga
asked again. Chaiii, as he made that statement, I knew he was just thinking another thing so I had to
make my mind clear. Na there I come begin explain to him say sometimes say her daughter if she come back from school, say all the sweat wey don accumulate for her body go dey react. There by
springing up body odour.
I told him that I didn’t want to give it to her directly. I wanted to give it to him to give to her but he wasn’t around. I also told him that the use of the perfume will at least reduce
the odour. Though I didn’t tell her but with what I did, she would understand to use it. After saying,
my Oga smiled. He said there was no need of even giving it to him to give to her daughter, and what I
did was right. Na there her papa come dey talk say the girls self no dey hear word. Say their room they
scatter too much and she no dey bath well. All was just complain. But after everything, he said that his wife their was angry that a guy gave a gift to her daughter. And they didn’t know my motive towards her. Na so me tell him say that her daughter, I senior her with up to 9 years and so wetin I go dey
find for her body. He said he understands but her mom doesn’t and their whole house had been
boiling because of that issue. Me sef no know him wife. I had never set my eyes on her since I started
working there because she doesn’t come to the place. I heard that where she works was a bit far and
she doesn’t even have time or whatsoever to be at the firm. After we finished talking, I went back to my work. When the last girl returned from school because she normally returns earlier than the others and we were quit close. Na there the 10 year old come dey tell me say there mama tell there papa
make them sack me because I wan rape her pikin.
Just because of gift wey I give her sister. “Chaiii, na who come send me! if I no I for no even buy the gift
give the girl sef.”
She (the one I bought the perfume for) came back from school but didn’t bother to come to greet me
as usual. She was just ignoring me. As time went on, she was doing it. Na so I call the small one ask
the small wey dey always gist me wetin they happen. She said that their mom told them not to
be interacting with me. na the woman wey no even know me ooo. She never even see me sef. I even
learnt that she had been pressuring my Oga to sack
me or else she would report him to the church council that he is trying to match make their daughter with an older person. And I had even
started noticing some changes in my Oga. His countenance to the office had changed. It seemed
the family issues had taken it’s toe on him. I finally called the one I bought perfume for and explained to her why I bought her the thing. I no tell her say she dey smell ooo but I use sense explain to her. She
even said her mom collected the perfume and threw it away. She talk say her mama beat her well well.
She even talk say their house don turn to “fuji house of commotion.” Say her papa and mama just dey
quarrel for the house about the matter. After everything, I thought it wise to resign. I was so
pained because I was learning something that was going to better my life and hopes to set up my own sef when I leave.
When I told my Oga that I was leaving, he begged me to still stay because of my attitude and my
relevance. He even asked if it was because of what happened about the perfume saga, I told him it
wasn’t. I told him that I had gotten a job some were.
But I never get any job yet. I was just doing it to let peace reign in their family. Make the man get rest of mind. The thing pain the man come pain me too.
But the man feel say na the matter na im make me wan leave.

So, that’s it guys.
Do you think he did the Cool thing or not?
Post your comments and say how better he should have done it if you don’t think he did the cool thing.

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