HELPLESS I felt a little pain on my belly. The pain forced me to gently open my eyes and I immediately shut them due to the brighly shinning light. I […]


Isn’t this lovely When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present to her.


It is said angels carry the supposed to be dead off in their sleep, but sometimes they drop them. Have you ever woken up feeling like you were falling?

What is Love?

Mama, I have seen her. Who? The lady I would propose to. Hush, hush. Don’t you say such. What do you know about love? Love that is rough, Like the […]


A Promise Fulfilled

Ran into my ex yesterday. You see, this perplexed me because I didn’t expect him to still be alive. When we were together, he had told me that he couldn’t […]

Quite the Experience

But… We started so Well (Part 6)

Chapter 6 *Copied* As soon as I recovered from the shock of seeing Jaiye at my door, I tried to shut it in his face but he was quick to […]

Abuja has fallen

Its still funny when I remember what append a year ago,when leaders from all over d word for a function, nobody expected anything to happen cause d security was extremely […]

Quite the Experience

But… We started so Well (Part 5)

Chapter 5 *Copied* I took a moment to listen to the different voices speaking around me. They had no idea I was awake already and trying to gather my thoughts. […]

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Happy Ending


Hello Black Jalabiya Large feet and ajebo hands Huge head and tomato lips Perfect height and pitiful sight This is not infatuation But mere observation Conversation and teasing A light […]

Food alert

So, have you tried making homemade boli, it is delicious and you get to burn it to your own taste. I eat my boli with stew and chicken sometimes, other […]

Be Happy

I believe each individual is brlliant and so can do anything. Anyone can study law, medicine, engineering etc. It just depends on how far you are willing to go to […]

Quite the Experience

But… We started so Well (Part 4)

Chapter 4 *Copied* My contractions were finally coming at short intervals. We had been on it for some hours. The doctor just checked and s aid I was at 6cm […]

I remember when

Hell Hath No Fury…

“Get to it!” He screamed at me. In anger, his face looked no different, except his eyes flashed with anger and mouth spewed explicit words followed by a bath of […]


Weak? You? Pufft

Pause. Observe one thing you are quite good at doing now. Now think back. Waaaay back, there was a time you could not do that, and then there was a […]

Quite the Experience

But… We started so Well (Part 3)

Chapter 3 *Copied* It has been three months since Jaiye lost his job and I can finally say I blame myself for his misfortune. My husband has become a shell […]

Quite the Experience

Beauty of the Night

Its the wee hours Sleep chose not to come early Time to have a drink with nature A beautiful dark night it is I smile at the sky It grins […]

An Employer Fired A Staff And Asked Him To Come Back To Resign, Should He ?

Good day, I would appreciate the input of experienced HR personnel in analyzing this issue of forced resignation. What are the implications in terms of renumerational difference when compared to […]

Quite the Experience

But… We started so Well (Part 2)

Chapter 2 *Copied* “How dare you Nimi? How dare you? He began to shout. “Jaiye, did you just slap me? Did you just lay your hands on me?” I was […]

Quite the Experience

But… We started so Well (Part 1)

Chapter 1 *Copied* Hello love, have you gotten to work?”my hubby asked at about 8:30 a.m that Wednesday morning as per his usual practice. ”Yes darling, I have. I am […]