Boss Serves Me A Query For Late Coming After We Both Spent The Night Out

Last night was amazing at a bubbling club in Abuja with my boss. she is tall robust and in her late 20s. I meet her at a social event where […]

Dear friend, please pick up.

Good day friends Hope you all had a good day and are looking forward to the weekend? What I’d be sharing with you people today is a real life experience. […]

marriage issues
Quite the Experience

Should I Cancel My Marriage Plans?

I met a guy of 31 through my elder sister, last year February. He started asking me out but because I just came out of a bad relationship, I told […]

Hidden words

Can You Spot The 6 Hidden Words From This Picture?

Hey guys. Stumbled upon this picture and thought it would be beneficial to all plus a brain exercise is not a bad way to start your week. I didn’t get […]


The reason there never was.

Shortly after being plunged into the depression that results from a disappointment. Slumped on a couch, I stared blankly at the T.V which was tuned to a local channel and […]

Stress is when…

What is Stress???.You give a beautiful girl a lift, she faints inside your car and you take her to the hospital – Now that’s stressful. At the hospital, they say […]

If you were this 2 year old’s father what would you do?

Oh man, I will never forget this (because it still happens). My two year old daughter had an orgasm. Right in front of me. From grinding her little vagina on […]



That feeling, The one you can’t quite describe When the aircraft shoots open and you’re flung into the open atmosphere. Thrown in several directions with a reckless abandon. And all […]


What Happens To Someone Else

So here we are again, been a while I have been here. Today I will tell you a story He wakes up one day, a day he cant remember to […]


The Well Adjusted Master

For any society or in this case person, unique individual Livelihood is what matters. Why does man need to be the boss and the other the subordinate… In my opinion… […]

Quite the Experience

The little things.

She looks in the mirror again, for what seemed like the umpteenth time that morning. A face full of scars stared back. With a shaky hand, she traces the jagged […]

Quite the Experience

Job Palava

Hey guys Its been a while. Trust y’all having a productive week. *I’m just gon start right away* So a friend of mine sought my advice on an issue and […]


Musings of a Me

This starts thus; The lad…boy…call him whatever you would like is in love…(Yes! this is a love something…now read on). Shes affectionate towards him back so ta daa…should be all […]

I remember when


Hey guys Trust y’all having a good weekend. Who remembers those days when the headmaster/teacher lashes errant(or unlucky) pupils? Either for noise-making, undone assignment(s), getting to school late, making paper […]


E for Exactement

Getting THE cultured, well read man of your dreams 1. Do talk about books more than you talk about movies. Make actual effort to read the books you’re talking about. […]

Happy Ending

Facebook Group Throws Kid a Birthday Party

Hello guys. Was doing my daily news reading(Yeah I know I’m boring) and came across this. #IrishMirror #FeelgoodFriday Furious mum in Facebook rant when ALL of her four-year-old’s birthday party […]


dere is one thing we are yet to know if all team will hv a CR7 in their team none will be like Real Madrid cus its not abt CR7 […]

Saddest thing she never told anyone

Well. My father always wanted a son. When my mother got pregnant, He explicitly told her that he is a well reputed man and that he can not have a […]

Kindest gesture Grace Keys ever encountered

When I was young, I was flying with my family to our vacation destination. My dad’s boss gave him one first class ticket and my dad gave me the privilege […]