ATM fraudsters

Hello Ladies and Ladiesmen(if there is anything like that, used it already anyway) So what I’d be sharing with you today as usual is another true life experience. And almost […]

The pee story

Once in middle school I really needed to go to the toilet, but my teacher wouldn’t let me. After multiple failed attempts to convince her to let me go, she […]

Tom and Jerry

Hey guyss How y’all doing today. I’d share with you a post i came across today’ Without wasting any more time, it goes thus: Original copies of cartoons and children […]

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Conscious Decision Making Engine

We just woke up one day to realize that we are conscious. Then we explored further and noticed that we are actually conscious of the fact that we are conscious […]

The first Lazy Recipe

Being lazy to cook when you are hungry means you have to get, make or decide on a quick meal that won’t make you throw up. I will share one […]

Bumper not pant.

Been a while I posted something on this platform. Bad of me. Okay. Straight to what i came here for. I came across a post today and i thought i […]


Nigeria is blessed with vast human and mineral resources

Nigeria is generously endowed with abundant resources. The resources should be developed to full extent with available means, as a nation can only progress by the efficient use of all […]


You are like me. You enjoy sewing and u like getting dressed up, nobody has to tell u but u know u have a great sense of fashion. Your best […]

Quite the Experience

The Heart of a Man

This is really quite simple… I while back, quite a while back, there was a lad who was as simple as you would imagine. Things for him at the time […]

Medical Appointment

Something very nice happened, you have to read this. So, I went to a medical center and I was told to come back the next day (no problem shebi just […]